Throughout the years, Dr. Whitlow has helped me work through problems, both professionally and personally. My first year of teaching was pretty rough between students who were constantly misbehaving and fellow teachers treating me horribly. Dr. Whitlow came by every day to check on me and offer her assistance whenever I needed it. She gave me ideas for lessons and how I should react to the other teachers’ behavior towards me. Her office was always open when and if I needed advice or a quiet place. Without Dr. Whitlow, I would not have made it through my first year of teaching. I am forever grateful to have her in my life.

Kimberly S. Pressley

Dr. Whitlow has truly been an inspiration in my life. After deciding to return to school, and asking her to be my mentor, she accepted. As a mentor she not only gave me guidance but, she pushed me to set goals that would not only help me become a better leader but, also a better person. She saw potential in me that I didn’t see in myself. She always believed in me and was there when I needed advice and guidance. Thank you so much Dr. Whitlow for being a guiding light for me as I journey through life.

Shirley English

As I write my testimony, I am contemplating of the kindness of your heart as a person, a friend, and as a woman of God. I first met you in 2014, when you invited my daughter (Angelica) to attend Skylar’s birthday (your daughter). Since that day, I felt your welcoming spirit of cordiality. You made me feel comfortable. I felt like God blessed me with a sister and a confidant. Indeed, I confided to you some of my struggles as a mother and you listened without judging me. Next, when I decided to apply for a job at Clayton County Public Schools in 2016, the inner voice was telling me to contact you. I was hesitant at first to follow that soft still voice. Eventually, I contacted you. I was so happy and grateful when you told me the process. You were the light that guided me how to get into the public school system. Even though you left last year from LRE, you still care for me (and others there). You still try your best to reach out to me through text, email, and calls despite of your hectic schedule. You are still encouraging me with positive words as a teacher and great words for my family. Lastly, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for all the things that you have done and contributed into my life, family, and my teaching profession. Truly, you are God’s angel Dr. Whitlow! May God bless you more and more and expand your territory!

Helen Jones

Dr. Tonishia Whitlow is a true testament to an administrator and person who is resilient, compassionate and committed to high performance. There are numerous times that she has shown persistence and dedicated during the time I have known her, but the most memorable time is when she demonstrated that she was able to bring a "divided" staff together to rally behind a common cause: student achievement and success. There were several faculty members who were indecisive as to what course of action to take in the school related matter; Dr. Whitlow showed her even temperament in listening, intently, to both sides and brought everyone together as a "family". She is a very positive person who has people's genuine interest at heart. She is a problem solver and cheerleader for all. Her love for humanity and community is to be admired. I am very thankful and grateful for her leadership.

Dr. Michael L. Powell

My name is Andre Ferrell and I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Tonishia Whitlow for the past four years. We met at James A. Jackson elementary school where we both were employed. Dr. Whitlow has been such an inspiration to me as I progress in the field of education. When I first started working in education, Dr. Whitlow was right by my side to make sure I had a full understanding of how things should go to make sure that the children are successful. Even now four years later if I am ever uncertain about anything, she is always there to assist. I will be forever grateful for her contributions to education and her motivation to ensure that newcomers are trained.

Andre Ferrell

There comes a time when a listener needs to be listened to. There also comes a time when a speaker needs to be spoken to. Dr. Whit was that for me in some of the most pivotal times in my life. I’ve always been the person that people could come and talk to and I would listen, but couldn’t always find anyone to listen to me and then speak life into me and my situation. In talking to Dr. Whit, she put herself in my shoes, and mentally took herself on the Riles’ journey and when that journey was over, she transformed back into Dr. Whit and gave me some of the best advice and guidance that one could ask for to help in any given situation. She’s also a people’s person and will lay aside everything else and sometimes those things were more pressing and important, just to make sure she gave full attention and a call to respond to whomever was in need.

James Riles

Tonishia Whitlow is the epitome of a phenomenal woman. She is God fearing, and TRULY cares about the well-being of others. It has been a long time since I have met someone as genuine as her. She has helped me both personally and professionally overcome many obstacles throughout the years, and I am beyond grateful to have her in my life.

Demesha Ware

July 23rd 2013, your birthday, was a day that would change my life forever. I had brain surgery. Just like countless other times during our 12 year friendship you were there for me at the drop of a dime. I remember the first time you saw me after my surgery I looked bad, but you held your composure and stayed positive. You spoke words of encouragement as you always do. During my road to recovery your positive thoughts and prayers helped me more than you know. I would like to think that your positivity is one of the reasons I decided to fight and keep going on this journey called life.

Tedra Lewis

My Name Is Chauntrice. Ms. Tonishia Whitlow Is A Beautiful Lady & Has A Beautiful Heart. I Had The Pleasure Of Being Ms. Whitlow’s Student When I Was In 2nd Grade. When I Became Ms. Whitlow’s Student, I Just Had Started My New School & I Was Very Shy. She Helped Me Come Out Of My Shell. She Basically Told Me Don’t Be Scared & Let The World Know Who You Are. Her Words Helped Frame The Person That I Am Today. I Feel Like I Can Be Anything That I Want To Be & That Is Okay To Go Out And Explore The World. I Remember One Day I Forgot My Jacket At Home And It Was Cold In The Classroom. Ms. Whitlow Took Off Her Blue Jean Jacket & Let Me Wear It For The Rest Of The Day. I Will Always Love Ms. Whitlow & Her Beautiful Heart. I WILL NEVER Forget Her.

Chauntrice Respress